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Mittersill, Alti Tauri, Austria

I Centri Yoga Sivananda hanno una nuova location in Austria! Un eco-hotel a 4 stelle con centro benessere, spa e un panorama mozzafiato sulle montagne del Parco Nazionale degli Alti Tauri.

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11 – 24 novembre 2024


Su un altopiano pacifico e soleggiato, circondato da prati alpini e da una fitta foresta. Il panorama si apre sul Parco Nazionale Alti Tauri, che con una superficie di oltre 1.800 km2 è il più grande in Europa centrale.

Parco Nazionale Alti Tauri

Il parco ospita una ricca fauna che include l’aquila dorata, il cervo rosso, lo stambecco delle Alpi, la lepre di montagna, l’avvoltoio grifone e l’orso bruno. Nel cuore del parco nazionale troviamo inoltre il Grossglockner (3.798 m s.l.m.), la montagna più alta dell’Austria, altre 265 cime che superano i 3.000 m s.l.m, 250 ghiacciai e 551 laghi.


Rooms with a splendid view. The use of natural materials like Swiss Pine wood, stone, loden cloth, linen and clay has positive effects on circulation and sleeping comfort.

Eco farm

Hotel Sonnberghof **** has been an organic farm since 1992. It produces its own dairy products and jams. The herb garden provides fresh herbs for the kitchen as well as for homemade soaps, oils and salts.


Twice daily, vegetarian, wholefood and balanced meals in accordance with yogic principles are served buffet style and can be enjoyed on the spacious guest terrace. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally and organically grown. A tea bar and hot water are available all day. Mountain spring water from the farm’s own forest spring. Spring water fountains are located in the dining hall and in the wellness area.


  • 550 m² indoor spa
  • NEW: Aquamarine spa with indoor/outdoor pool
  • Pinzgau sweat lodge up to 90° C
  • Herbal sauna up to 55° C
  • Steam pool
  • Infrared sauna
  • Thermal therapy beds
  • Panoramic relaxation lounge with access to the outdoors
  • Quiet room and “Heaven Swing” viewing tower
  • Tea bar in the panoramic relaxation lounge
  • 5 treatment rooms
  • Wooden tub for baths.
  • The natural swimming pool is supplied by pure drinking water and maintains its own biological balance.
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Hotel Sonnberghof