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Yoga vacation programme in Ustka, Poland

10 – 20 September 2018

Yoga vacation is possible any time between these dates. 

Yoga vacation is taught in English, with translation into Polish, Russian and Lithuanian.

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1 day: €52
7 days: €360
Includes accommodation, 2 vegetarian meals, yoga programme

Special price for Eastern European teachers during the teacher’s week:
1 day: €26, 7 days: €180 

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation – if available – will be in Lesnik (where the teacher training course is taking place). If not available, it will be in a nearby hotel 15–20 min by foot, or 5 min by car. 

Application for yoga vacation (PDF) >>

Please send your application form by email to polandregistration(at)sivananda.net

What to bring

Yoga mat, meditation cushion, toiletries, blanket, torch (flashlight), warm and comfortable clothing, slippers and comfortable shoes for walking. Towels and bed sheets are provided by the hotel. All yoga accessories are also available in our boutique in Lesnik.

Daily schedule

5:30 am: Wake up
6:00 am: Morning meditation, mantra chanting, lecture
8:00 am: Asana class
10:00 am: Vegetarian meal
12:00 pm: Lecture
4:00 pm: Asana class
6:00 pm: Vegetarian meal
8:00 pm: Evening meditation, mantra chanting, lecture
Occasionally changes are made to the daily schedule.

The following special programmes are included in the yoga vacation programme

Международные Гости-лекторы: Шри Венугопал Госвами, 13–19 СЕНТЯБРЯ 2018 ГОДА

«Божественная жизнь – простая и ясная»

с Бхагават ачарьей Шри Венугопал Госвами, храм Радха Раман, Вриндаван, Индия.Духовное пение, музыка и слова мудрости, вдохновленные священным писанием Шримад Бхагаватам. Шри Венугопал Госвами, Бхакти Йога Ачарья – духовный учитель поддерживающий 500-летнюю семейную традицию. Шри Венугопал Госвами много лет учился у Пандита Джасражда, индйского вокалиста с мировой известностью. Аккомпанемент: табла, фисгармония, ситар и флейта.

Swami Durgananda

Lectures with Swami Durgananda, Yoga Acharya: Obstacles on the Inner Path and How to Overcome Them

Swami Durgananda is a senior disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres in Europe. Her practical and intuitive style of teaching is the result of intense practice and over 40 years of teaching experience.

Swami Sivadasananda

Asana classes, workshops and Satsangs with Swami Sivadasananda, Yoga Acharya

Swami Sivadasananda, senior disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda, has taught at workshops and Yoga Teachers' Training Courses around the world for many years. He is a dynamic, precise and knowledgeable instructor.

Уикенд повышения квалификации международных учителей Шивананда йоги


14–18 сентября 2018 года, Устка, Польша

Расширьте свое видение, углубьте познания, отточите навыки

Уикенд для учителей - выпускников Курсов подготовки учителей Шивананда йоги

Lecture with Swami Durgananda, Yoga Acharya

Yoga and Breathwork
With Swami Sivadasananda, Swami Bhagavatananda, Swami Gokulananda and Jnaneshvara

Rates for the teachers week

€52 / 220 PLN per day, €360 /1500 PLN for 7 days (including accommodation, 2 vegetarian meals daily and all programmes)

Special price for Sivananda Teachers from Eastern Europe:

€26 per day, €180 for 7 days