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What is yoga vacation?

Breathing exercises, the sun salutation, basic yoga asanas and deep relaxation with instruction are practised in the mornings and evenings. Individual corrections and detailed instructions help every participant carry out the exercises in a relaxed and exact manner and develop flexibility.

Those new to yoga receive a gentle introduction and learn the individual poses step by step. Health restrictions like back problems and general fatigue are given special consideration.

Different classical variations and holding the asanas for a longer period of time are part of the advanced programme.

In warm weather, the yoga classes are held outdoors.

Satsang – the heart of yoga vacation

Satsang is the name given to the morning and evening meditation, the heart of yoga vacation.

Practical tips for positive thinking and mental relaxation as well as concentration exercises gradually lead to inner peace in meditation. Chanting Sanskrit mantras, which are particular combinations of healing and energising tones, deepens the meditation practice in yoga. The lecture gives inspiring insights into the philosophy and psychology of yoga. Satsangs are also regularly held in the form of a walking meditation. Contact with nature in the stillness of a sunrise or a sunset is an enriching experience in any season.

Feasting yoga style

Everyday, in addition to snacks, two wholesome vegetarian meals are served, prepared according to yogic principles. Proper nutrition is a vital part of your stay.

Daily schedule

5:30 am

Wake up

6:00 am

Meditation, mantra chanting, yoga lecture

8:00 am

Yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation

10:00 am

Vegetarian brunch

11:00 am

Helping out with chores (Karma Yoga)

2:00 pm

Lecture or workshop

4:00 pm

Yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation

6:00 pm

Vegetarian dinner

8:00 pm

Meditation, mantra chanting, yoga lecture

Occasionally changes are made to the daily schedule.