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Number of training units

The teachers’ training course is composed of 401 training units (TU) of 45 minutes’ duration:

63 TU     Asanas, Pranayama, Kriyas
18 TU     Anatomy and physiology
28 TU     Karma Yoga
98 TU     Meditation and Kirtan
19 TU     Bhagavad Gita
79 TU     Philosophy of the four yoga paths
65 TU     Yoga teaching practice
28 TU     Coursework
  3 TU     Individual talks

The course concludes with a written and, where necessary, an oral examination. Work is graded using a points system. Upon successful completion of the course, participants receive the internationally recognised certificate of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres.

About the certificate

The certificate for all Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Courses worldwide is issued upon successful completion of a final examination by the headquarters of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organisation in Val Morin, Canada.

The number of training units listed above is valid for all Sivananda Teachers' Training Courses around the world.

The text of the certificate is as follows:


Serve Love Medtitate Realize
Unity in Diversity
True World Order





8th Ave, Val Morin, Quebec J0T 2R0, Canada

Founder: Swami Vishnudevananda

Whereas by the Grace of God, the title

Y O G A  S I R O M A N I

T e a c h e r  o f  Y o g a

has been awarded to [Name]

for training rendered and meritorious services rendered in the field of PROPAGATION OF YOGA

We make this award in token of such recognition with a prayer to the Almighty to bless the recipient hereof with health, long life, peace, prosperity and spiritual enlightenment.

Issued at [Place]

on [Date]

[Signature]                                               [Signature]

Member,                                                    Member,

Executive Board                                        Executive Board


For official purposes we recommend printing out this Web page and presenting it together with the original diploma. An individual confirmation of the number of training units is not available.

Cooperation with the Open International University

Graduates of the Sivananda Yoga teachers’ training courses can earn credits towards Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy (spiritual counselling) and interfaith dialogue. For more information, visit www.iiihs.com

Yoga Teacher Training Courses

50 years of experience & over 52,000 graduates

Rudraprayag, Himalayas, India

Yoga teacher training locations

Reith, Tyrol, Austria >>

23.06.24–21.07.24: EN, DE
27.07.24–25.08.24: EN, DE
01.09.24–29.09.24: EN, DE
17.11.24–15.12.24: DE
21.12.24–19.01.25: EN, DE

Orleans, France >>

29.06.24–28.07.24: EN, FR
02.08.24–31.08.24: FR
21.09.24–20.10.24: FR
19.11.24–18.12.24: FR
04.01.25–02.02.25: FR

Rudraprayag, Himalayas, India >>

22.10.24–20.11.24: EN, DE, FR, ES
22.02.25–23.03.25: EN, DE, FR, ES
22.10.25–20.11.25: EN, DE, FR, ES

Málaga, Spain >>

18.08.24–15.09.24: ES, EN

Lithuania >>

22.05.24–20.06.24: EN, LT, RU, PL

Languages: EN = English, DE = German, FR = French, ES = Spanish, IT = Italian, NL = Dutch, PT = Portuguese, RU = Russian, LT = Lithuanian, PL = Polish, ET = Estonian

Schedule of courses >>