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Announcement of the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs dated 2nd of June 2016 (updated 15 November 2017)

“It has been decided by the Government to include ‘attending a short term yoga programme’ in the list of permissible activities under Tourist Visa.”

Read the complete announcement here:


Question: What is the maximum duration of a "short term yoga programme"?

Answer: The yoga programme must not exceed the validity of the tourist visa.

Maximum validity of an electronic tourist visa on arrival: 60 days (via online application)
Thus this visa can be used to participate in the Teachers' Training Course.

If you plan to stay longer in India, the maximum validity of a regular tourist visa is 6 months (application via the visa centre of the Indian Embassy)

Here is the email reference received from the Team Support of the "Foreigners Regional Registration Office Delhi":

From: frrodli.support@gov.in
Sent: 26 July 2016 14:07
To: xxx@sivananda.net>
Subject: Re: Tourist visa for short term yoga stay


The duration of short term Yoga programme is up to validity of visa, as 'T' Visa and etvoa is not extendable and non-convertible as per existing visa guidelines.


TEAM Support/FRRO, Delhi

(etvoa = electronic tourist visa on arrival)