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Yoga exercises for every age

Integrating yoga in our lives…

Yoga accompanies us throughout our entire life. It is a universal science that can be adapted to all life stages and circumstances. In this section you will find yoga exercises that are especially suited for certain phases, such as childhood, pregnancy, the active career years, and retirement – an especially valuable time of practice for an increasingly active group of people.

… is today more necessary than ever…

Our modern lifestyle in this hi-tech computer age poses great challenges to our health. We experience high levels of stress in nearly all areas of life, which is exacerbated by a lack of exercise and too many conveniences. As a result, the spine is subjected to tremendous pressure and strain, leading to back pain in an ever increasing number of people. Yoga exercises work preventively and can even help with existing back problems. More information >> The average modern workday is also hard on our muscles: 8 to 10 hours sitting in front of a computer calls for well-trained torso muscles as well as relaxation techniques for the eyes. More about Yoga@work>>

… and even better on a daily basis

The section "Short practice sessions" provides tips on how to do a half-hour yoga workout, so you can start the day relaxed and full of energy. You will soon notice that you are able to cope better with daily stress. First we introduce the sun salutation – an ideal yoga exercise for warming up. As a standard element in every yoga class, this exercise relieves stress and tension and optimally prepares the body for asanas.