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How to start

There are many ways to start your yoga practice.

Usually it’s best to begin with yoga postures (Asanas), yoga breathing (Pranayama) and relaxation. We recommend you learn from a yoga teacher, who can demonstrate the exercises for you and correct your mistakes.  

If there’s a Sivananda Yoga Centre near you, come to a trial class (see sidebar), stop by during an Open House (see sidebar) or enrol in a beginners’ course (see sidebar).

A yoga vacation or yoga retreat is an ideal opportunity to experience the holistic effects of yoga on the body, mind and soul in just a short period of time.

After the first few classes you can and should continue practising yoga at home. This is easy to do with the Yoga@Home CD, which guides you through an entire class. You’ll find further advice and support in numerous Sivananda Yoga books.

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