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Ways you can help

Our not-for-profit yoga activities focus on courses, retreats, yoga teachers’ training, special programmes and individual advising – which several thousand yoga students take advantage of each year.

As we do not receive any public funding, and membership fees cover only part of our expenses, we rely on volunteer work, donations, bequests and memorial contributions.

Many of our projects around the world would not be possible without donations.

Ashram projects

Peaceful oases of intensive yoga practice in the seclusion of nature, open to interested people from all walks of life. The Ashram de Yoga Sivananda in Orleans, France, is the first ashram in Europe. Others are in planning.

Sivananda Prison Project

Sivananda Yoga teachers have been teaching yoga in prisons since the 1960s. Each year, hundreds of yoga books are sent to inmates and prison libraries free of charge.

Yoga libraries

Several thousand volumes on yoga, health, philosophy and religion are available to members for self-study in the centres and ashrams.

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