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Stress management through yoga

Stress management

Stress as a positive challenge

Strong emotions such as anger and fear are main triggers of stress. Yoga postures and relaxation techniques help counteract the negative consequences of these emotions by improving our hormonal balance, for example our adrenalin levels. Relaxation techniques further fine-tune and harmonise our sense perceptions, so that we don’t overreact in the first place.

Mental relaxation can lead to a healthy sense of detachment towards the objects and circumstances of our lives. In this way, we can gradually overcome impulsive behaviour and irritability. Depending on the severity of our problems, various yoga techniques can help reduce the negative effects of stress and transform it into a positive challenge.

How can I combat stress?

  • Sun salutation, intensive muscle stretching: accumulated tension is channeled out of the body, meaning tension is released
  • Relaxation and auto suggestion: stimulates the rest and regeneration process
  • Healthier diet: strengthens the nervous system
  • Meditation and yoga philosophy: lead to inner calm