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Physical relaxation

Don’t waste energy!

While many kinds of sports increase the energy level of the organism, they don’t really replenish our energy stores. The energy gained is wasted by keeping the muscles on constant standby, even while at ‘rest’. Many people go through the entire day and even night with tense muscles, so that they are consuming energy around the clock

Recharge with yoga asanas

Yoga asanas and the final deep relaxation are effective muscle relaxation techniques to relax all parts of the body. Those who practise asanas regularly need less sleep and yet are more effective and feel well rested. At night they enter more quickly into deep sleep, which regenerates both body and mind, whereas restless sleep and dreaming waste a lot of energy.


How can I combat stress?

  • Sun salutation, intensive muscle stretching: accumulated tension is channeled out of the body, meaning tension is released
  • Relaxation and auto suggestion: stimulates the rest and regeneration process
  • Healthier diet: strengthens the nervous system
  • Meditation and yoga philosophy: lead to inner calm