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The 4 yoga paths

For the integral development of body, mind and soul, yoga recommends combining the following four main practices:

Karma Yoga

Is the path of action and suits people with active temperaments. Performing actions selflessly – without thinking of success or reward – purifies the heart and reduces the ego. Karma Yoga is the best way to prepare oneself for silent meditation.

Bhakti Yoga

Is the yoga of devotion and is perfect for people who are emotional by nature. Through prayer, worship and ritual, one comes to see the Divine as the embodiment of love. Chanting mantras is an essential part of Bhakti Yoga.
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Jnana Yoga

The yoga of wisdom or knowledge is most suitable for intellectual people. The philosophy of Vedanta teaches analytical self-enquiry into one’s own true nature, with the goal of recognising the Supreme Self in oneself and in all beings.

Raja Yoga

Is the science of controlling body and mind. The asanas (body postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) from Hatha Yoga are an integral part of this yoga path. The main practice of Raja Yoga is silent meditation, where bodily and mental energies are gradually transformed into spiritual energy.

Volunteering in the centres

Voluntary service (Karma Yoga)

You are most welcome to volunteer in any area (boutique, kitchen, office)! Selfless service (Karma Yoga) helps sustain the non-profit activities of the centres and ashrams. Karma Yoga is possible in both the European centres and the centres abroad (USA, Canada, Bahamas etc.). Please contact one of our centres >>

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