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Meditation techniques

Concentration is a prerequisite

Meditation is only possible if you are able to focus your mind. Concentration strengthens the flow of thought – ideas that were once vague suddenly become clear; what seemed difficult, complex and confusing is now easy to grasp.


Is a very effective concentration exercise. First you focus your eyes on an external object or on a single spot without blinking. Then you close your eyes and concentrate on the mental image of this object. This exercise increases our power of attention and ultimately leads to one-pointed concentration.

Concentration on a flower

In this exercise, you close your eyes and imagine a garden with a rich variety of flowers. Then you slowly focus your attention on a single flower. You visualise the colour, form, texture and scent of this flower, and hold this concentration for as long as possible.

Concentration on a sound

Here, you might listen to the ticking of a clock. When your mind starts wandering, you bring it back to the sound. If there are several background sounds, you can choose the one that is most distinct and concentrate on this for some time – like a witness, without reacting in any way.

Meditation in 12 steps

Like sleep, meditation cannot be learned. When the time is ripe, it will happen on its own. Using the classical meditation techniques, however, can help you make quick progress.

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