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Mantra chanting

Song that opens the heart

Kirtan is the meditative chanting of Sanskrit mantras. The sound structure of Sanskrit, the most ancient of all known languages, contains subtle mystical energies. These energies correspond to the subtle astral channels which, similar to the meridians in acupuncture, run through the whole body. These ‘nadis’ (literally, sound channels) start to vibrate when a Mantra is sung, recited or silently repeated in the mind.

The chanting of mantras is based on simple melodies which are derived from the classical Indian music form of ragas. Kirtan is considered to be the easiest way of uplifting the mind and leading it into the inner silence.

Group meditation

How to use the power of thought

Many things are easier when done together with other people. This is also true of meditation. When we meditate in a group, the energies multiply, creating a strong spiritual atmosphere that allows a deep experience of meditation.


  • 30 minutes of silent meditation
  • 30 minutes of chanting
  • A 30-minute lecture

No prior experience or knowledge is required. You are however requested to remain for the duration of the Satsang.

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Fri, 8-9:30 pm, Sat/Sun + bank holidays: 6-7:30 pm

Special satsangs and spiritual festivals

A number of spiritual festivals (for example, Bhagavata Saptaha, Sivaratri), Indian concerts and special lecture series. take place in our centres throughout the year. You will find details on the website of the respective centre. Alternatively, we can inform you by newsletter. Please click ‘Newsletter’ in the top navigation bar and select the one you would like to receive.

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