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International Sivananda Yoga Teachers' Training Course (TTC) in sunny Spain

4 August – 2 September 2018

Languages: Spanish, English

Fully certified four-week course to discover all aspects of yoga. With international guest speakers.

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The Sivananda Teachers' Training Course (TTC):

  • Four-week theoretical and practical training in all aspects of yoga composed of 401 training units of 45 minutes' duration
  • International certificate from the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre organization (ISYVC) is awarded on successful completion of the course. The diploma is entitled "Yoga Siromani" and recognised by Yoga Alliance for the 200 hours Registered Yoga School Standards
  • This course was established in 1969 by Swami Vishnudevananda as the first yoga teachers’ training course taught to Western students and now has over 40,000 graduates.
  • A sincere desire to learn and openness to yogic techniques is required – a basic knowledge of yoga postures and philosophy is preferred, but not essential. Students will develop the skills to teach yoga asanas and improve their own personal practice.



At 900 meters above sea level, nestled in the Sierra Vicor, near the Madrid- Barcelona highway, is the small town of Aluenda. An ancient church surrounded by stone houses, and dotted by pines, oaks, and cherry and almond orchards create a landscape of an era long gone.

An opportunity to discover the charm of authentic traditional Spain: Aluenda belongs to the Community of Aragon and is located in a region famous for its many resorts and spas. Calatayud, is about 10 minutes away by car. Its rich artistic heritage is an example of Moorish treasures in Spain. Also nearby is Fuendetodos, the birthplace of painter Francisco de Goya and re-known Engraving Museum. Just a few kilometres from Aluenda, you may explore the Monasterio de Piedra, a unique natural setting and a delight for any nature lover.

El Camino de Santiago crosses de Aragon Valley, offering many opportunities for hiking or strolling through beautiful mountain landscapes. In Zaragoza, half an hour from Aluenda by highway, we find the splendid capital of Aragon with the Basilica del Pilar, a baroque church from the ninth century and the icing on the cake of this beautiful region.

La Casa Toya


You will be staying in eco-hotel Lacasatoya, which serves wholesome and natural vegetarian menu. The rooms are small but comfortable. WIFI is available in all areas.

Enjoy the refreshing salt water swimming pool purified with ultraviolet light treatment. The attached solarium is ideal for sunbathing and enjoying spectacular mountain views.

For yoga practice, there are several rooms, like Jupiter: diaphanous, circular, with 180m² of wooden floors. Or other smaller rooms like Orion and Neptune, for group work. You can always enjoy the lawn and practice in the open air and sunshine.

The course instructors

The course is taught by Yoga Acharyas (spiritual teachers), personally trained by Swami Vishnudevananda, as well as other experienced Swamis and senior yoga teachers.

Swami Sivadasananda, Yoga Acharya, is a senior student of Swami Vishnudevananda and has taught at workshops and Yoga Teachers’ Training Courses around the world for many years. He is a dynamic, precise and knowledgeable instructor.



Swami Santoshananda is the director of the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Madrid.



Swami Dayananda, co-director of the Sivananda Center in Buenos Aires (Argentina)




Chandra, Yoga Acharya of the Sivananda Centers in South America




Gopala, long time student of Swami Vishnudevananda




Lakshmi, coordinator of the Sivananda Center in Madrid




The Sivananda Yoga approach

The course is based on India’s traditional Gurukula teaching system, where by direct contact with the teachers, the student’s day-to-day life during the course is transformed into an integrated learning experience.

Yoga teachers are not just trained in the asanas. While asanas are an integral part of classical Hatha Yoga, it is the combination of the asanas with ethical values, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation that enables a comprehensive experience of Hatha Yoga.

The Sivananda approach to training yoga teachers believes that students should understand and experience the four main systems of yoga: Besides the focus on Hatha Yoga, the Sivananda yoga teacher training programme introduces students to the theory and practice of Raja Yoga (control over the mind), Karma Yoga (selfless activity), Jnana Yoga (yoga philosophy) and Bhakti Yoga (transformation of emotions into devotion).

Special Programme

Practical Inspirations from the Yoga Tradition, 23-27 August 2018

With Swami Sivadasananda, Yoga Acharya

Senior disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda, dedicated at teaching Yoga Teachers' Training Courses around the world for over 30 years.



Introduction to Ayurveda, 27-30 August 2018

With Sanjay and Anjani Kulkarni, Ayurveda Acharyas

Ayurveda  is a source of profound knowledge for promoting and maintaining good health, preventing disease and increasing longevity.

Sanjay and Anjani Kulkarni have spent the last 20 years teaching Ayurveda around the world. They use their profound expertise to give practical advice on how to prevent disease and develop radiant health.



Meditation Concert, 11 August 2018

With Carlos Guerra

On the bansuri, the traditional Indian bamboo flute. He spent many years of musical training in India. Carlos Guerra will be accompanied by his wife Tokuko Nakamura on the tampura (string drone instrument).

Asana Workshops, 17-19 August 2018

With PREMA Arenas Bonansea

Originally from Argentina, Prema is an inspiring yoga practitioner and teacher in Taiwan. She also modeled for the Sivananda book Yoga: Your Home Practice Companion.



Indian Temple Ceremonies, 14-16 August 2018

With a traditional South Indian priest.

The colours, sounds, aromas and gestures of the traditional temple ceremonies (Pujas) help clear the mental atmosphere and create a strong meditative vibration.

The Brain of the Yogi, date to be announced

With Gopala, direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda

Two practical lectures. The practice of medicine and the awareness in asanas and meditation modify the brain.




Asanas, Pranayama, Yogische Ernährung, Kriyas, Meditation, Mantras, Vedanta Philosophie, Bhagavad Gita, Die vier Yoga Wege, Anatomie und Physiologie.
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Täglich: Zwei Meditationseinheiten, zwei Yogastunden, zwei Vorträge, eine Stunde selbstlose Mithilfe für die Ashram-Gemeinschaft. Ein Tag pro Woche ist vortragsfrei.
Es besteht Anwesenheitspflicht für den gesamten TTC Tagesablauf.

Details zum Tagesablauf >>

What to bring

  • The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga by Swami Vishnudevananda, Three Rivers Press
  • Bhagavad Gita with a commentary by Swami Sivananda, the Divine Life Trust Society
  • Yoga – Your Home Practice Companion by the Sivananda Yoga Centre (Dorling Kindersly)

Further recommended reading for at-home study

  • Sivananda Beginner's Guide to Yoga by Sivananda Yoga Centre, Gaia Books
  • Meditation and Mantras by Swami Vishnudevananda, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Also available at the Sivananda Yoga Centres or via one of our online shops.

Please bring also: yoga mat, meditation cushion (available in our boutique), towel, writing pad and pens, blanket, flashlight, warm and comfortable clothes, slippers and comfortable shoes for walking.

Please note: These books as well as the kriya material are not included in the course fee. They can be purchased at the Sivananda Yoga Centres or via one of our online shops.

Teaching language

The course is taught in Spanish and English with a modern wireless translation system. Possibility of translation into Portuguese. Please contact us for details.


Nutritious and delicious vegetarian Mediterranean meals will be served twice daily. Please note that the meals offered are lacto-vegetarian. We cannot cater to special dietetic needs during the course.

Helpful reminder

In order to maintain the proper atmosphere no meat, fish, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, black tea, eggs, drugs and revealing clothing are allowed.

How to get there

Many airlines as well as low cost carriers fly to Madrid and Barcelona.
Calatayud is located midway on the high speed train line Madrid-Barcelona and can be reached in 1-2 hours from both cities (www.renfe.es).

The taxi ride to Lacasatoya costs about 20€.

For more information contact the Sivananda Yoga Center in Madrid +34913615150

Prices for tuition, room and board

Shared bedroom with shared bathroom: €2,986
Double bedroom with shared bathroom: €2,986
Double bedroom with private bathroom: €3,276
Single room with private bathroom: €3,711

Prices valid until 30 September 2018


To apply for the teachers' training course in Aluenda, please choose one of the methods below:

  2. Download application form (PDF) >> Download the form, fill it out by hand and then either scan and send it to TTC-Spain(at)sivananda.net or send it by post or fax.
    Only applications in PDF format will be accepted. Applications in image (e.g. JPEG) format will not be accepted.
    Please return your application form to:
    Centro de Yoga Sivananda
    Calle Eraso 4-1ºC
    28028 Madrid
    Fax: +34 91 361 51 94
    Email: TTC-Spain(at)sivananda.net

The registration is valid with a down-payment of €400. The remaining balance is due four weeks before the beginning of the course.

Please contact:

Sivananda Yoga Center Madrid
e-mail: TTC-Spain(at)sivananda.net
Tel. +34 91 361 51 50
Fax. +34 91 361 51 94

Cancellation and withdrawal policy

Cancellation before the start of the course

Within 14 days of the date when the course confirmation was sent.
You have the right to withdraw your reservation for the Yoga Teachers' Training Course, without giving a reason, within 14 days of the date when the confirmation was sent. The withdrawal must be made in writing or verbally towards the organizers of the Teachers' Training Course in Spain, per email TTC-Spain@sivananda.net, or phone +34 91 361 5150.

The withdrawal is considered timely if the declaration is submitted within the period specified. If you withdraw the booking, we will refund payments immediately or latest 14 days from the date on which you submit the withdrawal.

Cancellation more than 14 days after the date when the course confirmation was sent:
We will refund your original payment minus an administration fee of 50 euros.
If the booking for the course is received within the last 14 days before the start of the course, you waive the 14-day right of withdrawal. This waiver of the right of withdrawal will be signed upon arrival in Aluenda.

If you do not show up and do not contact us, no refund will be issued.

If you would like to change your booking to another course, a 50 euro administration fee will be charged. You can change to any course at a Sivananda Yoga Center or Ashram in Europe or Rudraprayag.

Early departure from the Teachers’ Training Course in Spain

Within the first 3 days: we will refund your original payment minus an administration fee of 300 euros.
After 3 days: No refund will be given.

In case of early departure from the course, the TTC course manual and TTC uniforms (2 trousers / 2 t-shirts) must be returned before leaving the teaching location.

Prep course

For those considering doing the Teachers' Training Course, the TTC Prep course will aid you in making your decision and preparing for the course. It covers:

  • An overview of the TTC subjects
  • An introduction to yoga philosophy and the four traditional yoga paths
  • Meditation techniques, the practice of kirtan and mantra chanting
  • Asana and pranayama classes with exact corrections
  • Recommended reading for at-home study
  • Advice: on one's yoga practice and on yoga accessories, e.g. the right cushion
  • Details on the yoga teacher training venues: climate, clothing, luggage, flight, transfers, visa

TTC Preview

London >>
Madrid >>

Asana practice outdoors

Yoga teacher training students

Traditional Spanish site of Aluenda

Enjoying the panoramic view

Practice outdoors

Learning the headstand

Staff team 2016

How to teach groups

Gathering together in the main hall

Study time in the garden

Anatomy lesson

Kirtan practice

Main lecture

Asana corrections

Mediterranean delicious meals

Salt-water swimming pool

Silent walks

TTC group photo

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